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Oculus 2 Software update required stuck

Honored Guest

Here my problem, 

We had to factory reset our device, the problem is; it’s on the screen where the two controllers need paired. Before they paired fine, now it’s not pairing the left joystick. Then we tried to pair the oculus to the mobile app bc we can’t use the controllers and this is the result. We are sitting ducks. 




okay - I've watched the video, the update zip I downloaded does not have an .exe


Which download did you use successfully from the reddit thread? Quest2_v43_37314400808900000 from 5 days ago or q2_ptc_373144007 from 22 days ago?


I've downloaded and extracted the files from both, neither seem to have an executable, and I have tried to extract from the command prompt as administrator


thank you so much for helping me



okay - im trying again, I just found the adb.exe zip link on the video site - i'll reply again when I'm done


I'm just hopeful I'm going to get back in my headset - thank you again!!



i did it properly this time, unzipped the adb executable, added it to the folder, ran adb sideload and, it extracted, I did this twice, just to be sure


im still stuck on the fricking pair controllers screen


this is my refurbished headset, ive been down for ten weeks and have asked for a replacement


so very frustrating


I know! So, this is what I did step by step!


On your Quest:

- hold power button and volume down until logo appears

- factory reset

- hold power button and volume down until logo appears

- choose sideload update

- connect to pc


On your computer:

- install ADB Bridge

- download

- don`t unzip it, just save it somewhere

- open console and type

- cd C:\PATH_TO_YOUR_ANDROID_FOLDER\Android\Sdk\platform-tools

- adb.exe

- adb sideload C:\PATH_TO_YOUR_ZIP


Then normally restart Quest, go through setup process and connect with your mobile oculus app!


That did it for me! 🙂

I followed your method and it worked!

OMG!!!!  If there is anything I can ever do you for you, I will.  I just followed your instructions and it worked for me.  I did have to add the replacement headset in my app, it was still picking up my original, and I was able to pair my controllers.  My headset is now going through two updates as part of the set up.  I will be back in my Supernatural app tonight after 10 weeks.  Means the world to me.  Meta, seriously, there is something that needs to change, this is beyond not cool.  Thank you so very much @kencessna you rock!!!

Honored Guest

download the oculus developer hub to your pc - register - follow on screen instruction - connect oculus quest 2 to pc with usb cable - open the oculus app on mobile phone - repairing back both controllers.

Honored Guest

I have the same issue and able to solve it with oculus developer hub installed on PC.

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