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Oculus Android App painfully slow / non-responsive

Level 4

The Android Oculus app is painfully slow and clunky.


Literally every function takes way too long, whether it's trying to scroll through a list of products, go into settings, search for an app/game, or click into an app/game, etc.


I have been looking for a new game several times but gave up because it's so frustrating just to look around. It's literally the most unusable app I have.


The cause isn't a problem with my phone, or "user error". There's no excuse for it; it's simply poor engineering.


This must be hurting your sales, I know I'd buy a lot more games if it wasn't a such a pain in the ass.


Additionally, the store itself is very non-user-friendly. It's really hard to find games or browse particular genres. It's like Oculus has a finite set of the most profitable games it wants to push on you.


Please sort out your app first, then your store usability. 




Level 3
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