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Oculus Browser asking for email permission

Level 4
The past couple of mornings when I have switched my phone on, Oculus browser has asked for permission to access my email accounts.  I have three different email accounts set up on my phone for different purposes and Oculus Browser wants access to all of them - there's a seperate notification for each one asking me to allow or deny.

What are these permissions for?  Are they simply to allow me to access my emails from somewhere within the VR environment?  I'm not sure if I should be allowing all of them, just one or none at all.

Level 12
The simple answer is don't allow access by anything to anything unless it's necessary. Oculus is a Facebook company and would like nothing more than to share everything with everyone.
Oculus is the first distributor of software that has ever displayed my "Real Name" anywhere. I don't like it, I won't like it.

Neither Origin, Steam or the "others" find a need to display my real name anywhere.

Don't tell nobody nothin'.

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Dear Oculus, If it ain't broke, don't fix it, please.

Level 4
I've now tried denying permission.  It doesn't seem to make a difference.  No matter how many times I deny permission for all three accounts, it just keeps asking - the notifications come back every time I switch the phone on.

Level 10
Any app on my phone that 'needs' permissions I consider outside of the requirement of the app gets removed, even if it appears to be useful!

I don't have the Oculus browser (nor facebook, twitter etc.) on my phone so am unable to offer any pertinent advice apart from the if you don't want to share unnecessary information simply uninstall it until the hint that invasive apps are unwelcome gets through 😛
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Level 4
Isn't Oculus Browser one of the apps needed to run the Gear VR headset?  I need to keep it if so.  I'd just like to deny it access to all my email accounts which it's only just started asking for.

But it won't take no for an answer.  No matter how many times I deny permission it just keeps asking.

Basically, I'm in a Mount Splashmore situation:

Level 2
I long-pressed the notification on my android and denied the app's ability to send notifications.  I think it will stop the nagging at least.

Level 4
That's what I did in the end too.  Couldn't get the individual requests to stop, so just blocked all notifications for the app in settings.  It's been silent ever since.

Level 5
the other option is to create a dummy account and provide it for the nagware. it seems to be popular to nag the user, to demand consent or. to deny service cookie/GDPR style.  

hello man did you fix it? i still have notifications everyday anytime. i hate really.

year 2022 and i still see that ********