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Oculus Client and programs needing Admin rights

Level 2

I operate Prepar3dV5 through Oculus Client but Oculus Client does not run P3D with Admin rights - needed to operate some of the P3D functions. Is there a way to cause Oculus Client to run P3D with Admin rights?




Level 5

Don't launch from oculs software,Go where program is installed, find exe file, right click, esec as admin.

If i launch outside Oculus Client the program works correctly but the VR doesn't work at all.

Level 5

See the propriety of file, and check Always run as administrator.

Now launch from oculus.

If I set the program in the .exe to always run as administrator then the program will not launch in Oculus Client.

I can launch the program without Admin rights through Oculus Client and have some parts of the program not work correctly or I can assign Admin rights to the program and have the program work correctly but not have VR

appreciate your suggestions.  I need to find a way to have Oculus Client launch the program with Admin rights.

Level 5

Sorry, my bad.

you have to launch oculus software with admin right. hope this solve the problem.


I always launch Oculus Client with admin rights but it does not in turn launch my program (P3Dv5) with admin - at least so far I have not been able to do this. I need to cause Oculus Client to launch my program (P3Dv5) with admin rights.

Level 5

So client is with admin, but dash?

Do this step:

Close oculus app,and oculus service.


check the install folder of oculs,you have many subfolder.


oculus-platform-runtime.exe and OculusDash.exe


grand admin privileges to these file.


launch oculus again.


this worked for me.




I found both files but neither allows me to grant admin privileges. I see the option but I am not sure how to change this in a file which is not an .exe.



Hi again

I was able to change the Oculus-platform-runtime .exe to run with admin rights but I have not found the Oculus-dash .exe.