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Oculus Controller Issues.

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Okay, so I own a oculus variant of the oculus quest 2 (the one with oculus not meta symbol.) I've had it for about 6 months now. For about a month I've been running into this odd issue and it just randomly started. Both my left and right controllers have been working phenomenal up until this point and I've not done any sort of tweaking other then changing batteries when needed. Both my right and left thumb sensors are bugging. They'll work fine for a little while in game, then after a while for example in vr chat I'll notice I can't do thumbs up gestures anymore, anybody have this issue? I also don't use the quest stand alone I only use it with link to steam vr so I can play half life alyx and VRCHAT, It's also with both controllers and sometimes my left or right one will work better then the other. Once this issue starts I usually look up solutions and find little to nothing that even remotely fixes it, could it be having my tracking speed on 75 hz instead of 60? I'm unsure. If there's a fix please somebody let me know. Other then that, having this quest is great. Keep up the good work Oculus!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @CloudyLily! We know sensor issues can be a bit discouraging when trying to be immersed in VR, so we'd love to lend a pinky! (Strongest finger technically?)


As for the tracking issues, there are a couple of basics you could test out:


  1. Clean the controller ring sensors with a dry cloth/Non-abrasive anti-bacterial wipes. 
  2. You've changed the batteries which is awesome
    • Be sure to remove the battery for roughly 10 minutes to let the electronics reset within the controllers.


If those don't seem to help you out, our next suggestion is to reach out to us via a Support ticket and we'd love to look at some available options. 

As odd as it is, I actually found the problem and a temporary solution until I can figure out a more efficient one. The issue is actually buttons on the controller, the controller tends to think I've got my thumb on one of the buttons, specifically the B button on the right controller and occasionally the X button on the left, it's likely something with the spring or dust build up. Which I feel I can clean. My currently solution to it is when that sorta thing happens I press the button a few times and it becomes responsive again. Sometimes it's worse then other times but it's now manageable. Maybe this information could help you guys in future situations? I'm unsure but uh thank you for the help.