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Oculus Controller Replacement No Updates

Level 2

I've sent off my controller for a warranty replacement with only a damaged thumbstick to meta in September, it arrived September 22. I contacted support later on September 24 and they said they should send out my controller the following Monday.  it is now October, the most useful info I've gotten since is ("your case has been handled by our specialized team") and 40$ in store credit which I haven't touched. should I just give up and buy another controller? because at this point I'm either going to do that or sell my quest 2 and I dont see any other alternatives


Sadly, when support makes any reference to a specialized team it generally means "I am not going to talk to you any more about this". Keep pushing them.

ill try, thank you for your input

Not exactly. Things take time to review or look into. The 'specialized team' are the only ones who are able to take a look at any information there may be and can give the most relevant information out of everything.


I wouldn't make extra tickets, but if you need to you can definitely reach back out to your existing one and ask them more questions and stuff.