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Oculus DK2 in 2021 help needed.

Level 2
Hi to everyone..

I happen to have a DK2 which was working perfectly in 2016-2017 and I would use it for some videos, or FlyInside FSX (flight simulator)....
I tried reconnecting it today (latest Win10) and it is not recognized (HDMI + USB3 missing, I know it is expected and should work even with these errors). Installing older runtime 0.8 (the one I used to use) produces a BSOD (blue screen) when connecting the headset (BSOD is "IRQL not less or equal").

Also I can't seem to find any older runtime other than the 0.8 beta which is too old. Ideally I'd like to find Runtime 1.10 .
Finally please advise if I should also have an SDK installed (I tried several but no changes)

Thanks a lot... I really don't wanna buy a modern Rift because I will hardly use it..

Would you know how to test if it is actually working in latest runtime? what content or video player just works out of the box with a DK2?

Level 3

Hello, I have been using an DK2 since last year when I bought it for nothing.

I am using it for sim racing, and I am pretty happy with it.

If you direct me where to look I can tell what runtime I am using and what software.

It has been working very nice in the last months, but since last weeks I am getting random black screens during gaming, there was an Oculus Update at the begginning of the week so it may be that ...