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Oculus DK2 works only in Extended Mode - no direct mode

Level 2
This will be a long post.
I have a problem with Oculus DK2.
There is only a yellow light
on the headset when installed and connected to the computer. No image on the
DK2 screen.
The Oculus software shows that
the device is OK and there is a green light in the app. I tried to run on older
versions of the SDK. All I could do was get them to act as an secondary monitor (Extended Mode) and screen looks ok - no distortion. The only
half success was with the oldest SDK I could find: "oculus_runtime_rev_1_sdk_0.4.4_win.exe".
Direct mode works but image is distorded.
I also have two videos with this problem, but I cannot post it 😞
"" and "" - just add www at the beggining
The headset seem to be looking
upwards and there is a large chromatic aberration. The reading of the headset position from the camera and the rotation (apart from looking up) looks ok in logs.

I borrow a second DK2 for test purpose. And its working fine both with old SDK and newest Oculus software on my PC.

I checked the "broken" DK2 on several computers, on a different USB controller and it did not work

I already contact the support, but DK2 is not supported anymore. However I check everything that support wanted:

- game mode on win 10

- disconnect everything except one monitor, keyboard, mouse, oculus camera, oculus headset

- update system/drivers

- turn off integrated graphics

- connect to another USB port/controller

- connect to second HDMI/DVI port

My system: 

Win 10 - newest oculus software

Win 7 - for SDK 0.4.4 (this SDK destroy my WIN 10 instalation)

Asus Z-97K


GTX 1060 6GB

16GB ddr3

Inateck KTU3FR-4P USB 3.0

I tested the cables and camera on the second DK2 and they work

Maybe someone have a similar problem. I don't see any damage on DK2 motherboard, however some on the solder connections (don't know how to translate it properly - sorry) doesn't look ok. I don't know what to do. I can send logs if someone would like to see them.