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Oculus Desktop app games to headset

Level 2

Hello all, I’ve bought games on the oculus desktop app assuming I can run them straight from my headset , but I’ve seen a lot of people say that you need a USB C cable, I have one but i don’t have enough space in my room to play. Is there a way to get them to my headset without USB C? I’m logged onto the same account on both.


Anything you buy on the desktop app is PCVR and so has to run on a PC. You can't move those games to the headset but many give you a free copy of the Quest native version. If you visit the Quest store in the headset or on your phone and search for the same game, you may well find that it's available for free.

Level 7

You can use Air Link instead of USB C to connect Quest to you don't have to be in the same room as your PC and you can play PC games with Quest.👍

Retired Support

Hi there @heatkilled! You can surely use Airlink with a Meta Quest and Quest 2. However, Airlink isn't available for the Meta Rift and Rift S. And in order to use most PCVR apps on the headset, they must be cross-buy apps. Here's a link with some information on how that works.

If you've recently purchased the apps, you can ask for a refund as long as you meet the requirements.

Hope it works out for you.

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