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Oculus GO not starting after Factory Reset.

Level 2


I want to cell my Oculus Go fot tha I did the Factory reset. Now It will not start or do anything anymore. 

The LED ist blinking red thats al. what can I do? 




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, fast!


Hmmm, it looks like that headset might not booted up properly that's what's causing you some issues. At this time, we don't have the necessary tools, here in Social Support. You know who does though? Our most awesome friends down at our main support channel! They have an enormous amount of tools ready and willing to help you! You can reach those awesome folk simply by clicking here: Once you click on that link you'll go through a series of questions to best determine the course of action for the support agent. However if you don't see an option that best suits you, then go on ahead and click the one closest to your situation. No matter what, you'll be well taken care of!


We'll see you on the other side, fast!