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Oculus Gallery functionality needed!

I use my Oculus Quest for 3D VR architectural rendering presentations.  This is the third Oculus headset I've purchased.  The first Oculus Rift was great, but it was a pain to setup at a client's house and the wires were cumbersome.  The Oculus Go was the answer to those issues.  By incorporating better technology, the Oculus Quest was a step up from that.  The Oculus Go and the Oculus Quest could connect to Dropbox (the location of all my work files).  I've been very happy with my purchases until now.  I charged up and powered on my Oculus Quest headset a few days ago so I could show a friend the first home I designed in a foreign country.  It failed to load the app gallery, and wouldn't connect to the market.  I figured it was time for a software update.  I went ahead and did that.  That failed to solve the issue so I reformatted the headset.  I was surprised to see a new load screen logo when it restarted.  The new apps were different so I tried to view my renderings in all them all but none of them were able to load and display my 3D VR 360 renderings without crashing.  The "TV" app also failed.  I scheduled a support call with Meta and described the issue.  The best they could do was offer a $20 credit to purchase a third-party app that would take the place of the old Oculus Gallery.  They showed no interest in improving their "TV" app to give it the same functionality as the old Oculus Gallery.  However, the gentleman I spoke with did "understand" my frustration.  Fast forward an hour.  I purchased two different apps they recommended and both failed.  I received a refund for both apps successfully and left a one star review with ImmerGallery.  ImmerGallery responded later than evening.  The German gentleman from their company seems eager to resolve the issue and make their app better (I wish Meta had the same enthusiasm).  I'm hopeful I will able to view my VR architectural renderings in the near future.  As of now, the device is unusable.  (No, I don't use it for anything else.  I bought it for business purposes only.) I'm very unhappy with Meta for destroying the one app I really need for a critical part of my business.  If this issue is not resolved, Meta (Oculus) will lose a loyal customer and I will be forced to purchase a better VR headset in the next couple of weeks.