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Oculus Go: Failed Entitlement Check

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As the title says. Recently I get this message, "Failed Entitlement Check" when I launch the app Virtual Desktop Streamer.  I have owned the app for years.  

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the App

Factory reset the The Oculus

Even Launched the app from the phone app 

All with the same results. 

I have also noticed that the app store will not load on the Oculus. It looks like it tries to start but then shuts down right away. 

I realize this is a very old device but any help is appreciated. 


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Dear friends, I am experiencing the same issue on 3 different Meta accounts with 5 Oculus Go devices and 1 Gear VR device and all of them. I had prepared the headsets for the end of support, but I had no idea that Meta has the capability to brick them remotely through disabling authentication remotely. Only one device that I gave to my dad still works just fine and that is so only because the device isn't connected to the internet.


I am also trying to work with Meta support to resolve the issue, but they are running away from responsibility. I am not sure they did this intentionally. I think that their software team didn't expect to run into this problem once they moved the accounts over. The big question is, is Meta going to make their Software Team fix the issue, or are they willing to face a class-action lawsuit. The latter is way more expensive, so hopefully, they will stop dragging their feet soon or I will start looking for a lawfirm that is willing to take legal action on behalf of all Oculus Go owners around the world.


It is one thing to discontinue support and updates, it is a whole different story to intentionally brick every single Oculus Go device ever made.

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I think it's time for collective action, as the target has no interest or respect for those who paid for the applications, this failure was intentional.


This should be a simple fix (reenable the entitlement check server) for a multi-billion dollar company. Completely unacceptable that they refuse to do this.

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Hello from Japan.

Many users in Japan are angry and sad because the Oculus Go app cannot be launched.

Some people are buying Quest 2 "second hand". Will it benefit Meta? Only when a model is reliable and has a proven track record will you upgrade to the latest model.

Currently, it cannot be replaced!

Please restore Oculus Go. please.

For Meta and us.

Hello, I believe I speak on behalf of several users who buy Oculus headsets and for years they have purchased different applications and now they are being ignored and despised, THE SERVER that runs the ENTITLEMENT CHECKER of the "OCULUS MOBILE" SYSTEM IS OFFLINE, Oculus go and GearVR (Although it is discontinued) does not mean that it is no longer used.
At this moment there are several forums articulating and bringing together people for a possible "collective process" because we see no other way out, WE ARE BEING HARMED.
We need a response from OCULUS/META and a possible solution.


@MetaQuestSupport: I don't believe your developers did this on purpose. As a matter of fact, the promise was that the Oculus Go is not going to be supported anymore, but the apps we have previously purchased would still be usable. Please tell your system administrator to put the info needed for authentication back on the server where the Oculus Go is looking for it! It is a very simple fix. The problem is that your tech support wouldn't escalate the issue to the engineering team. I've been going back and forth with meta support about this for 3 weeks now.


Hi Meta Developers,

I've been going back and forth with Meta Tech Support for about 3 weeks now asking them to elevate my support ticket to the Development Team. For some reason, they wouldn't do it. I even tried to "Report a Bug" through the Meta App, but that doesn't work either. I am getting an error message when I try to file a report.


Long story short, the Oculus Go devices can no longer authenticate the purchased apps from the Meta store. This practically bricks the devices worldwide. The only Oculus Go devices that may still work are the ones not connected to the internet.

Basically, the error is "Authentication Failed... Quitting". This happens on app launch.

Customer service and your people here on the forum keep reminding us that the Oculus Go is no longer supported. We got the heads up about this 2 years ago. However, in the article about the end of the support for the Oculus Go, the promise was that the apps will still be working in the future.

There are 2 easy solutions:

1. Issue an update or a patch for the Oculus Go owners that will redirect the Oculus Go devices to look for authentication in the new place for the accounts: Meta instead of the old Oculus server. I do understand that this is unlikely.

2. Put back the authentication info on the server where the Oculus Go devices are trying to find it. This should be easy enough fix.

Before I finish, let me remind you that legally, all the Oculus Go owners purchased their devices and apps. We DIDN'T RENT THEM. You have a moral and legal obligation to bring the authentication of the apps back as soon as possible.

If you decide to completely brick them sometime in the future, a proper legal announcement should be made giving the community enough notice, so we can prepare for the end of it (disconnect them from the internet, so you can no longer brick them remotely),.

Do I need to remind you Legal Department of the nightmare a class-action lawsuit on behalf of the Oculus Go owners could cause to Meta?

So, stop stalling us and stop dragging your feet and apply the easiest solution you can find to resolve the problem as soon as possible, please!


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I own an oculus go. I want to play the "exVRience golf" game that I bought on it. However, every time I try to open the app, I see a message in a red box that says something like "application failed the entitlement check. App will now close." Basically, is there something I can do about this or should I refund the game? 

thanks in advance 

Hey there @astrojmpman! Due to changes with the Oculus Go, it's possible that your Go will be unable to play your app. We recommend obtaining a refund for your app if you're within the return window. We hope this information was helpful, and encourage you to reach out again if there is anything else we can help you with!

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!

I'm sure this is a technical glitch rather than a policy change. Such a change would have to be publically announced. I hope it's fixed soon.

You probably don't own the apps though. Software has been licensed on terms that make it effectively a rental forever.

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