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Oculus Go Not Working

Level 2

So I’ve read around the block on my issue. Basically my Oculus Go doesn’t initiate anything unless I put it on a charger. Once on a charger or even in-line with my PC I can press and hold the power button where the oculus logo shows up for a few seconds and then disappears. On the power button a green light will blip - after reading around I suppose it might have to do with the battery, perhaps I’m not charging it correctly as some people have said that regardless of its charge even if it’s at 0% I should still be able to see the charge capacity within my headset, however again the only thing I can see when it is on for the 3-6 seconds is the oculus logo…


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello V0hn. Thanks for reaching out. We understand your concerns regarding your Oculus Go's battery life we would feel the same as you. There's need to worry, we're gonna be here every step of the way. 


Please try the following: 


  1. Attempt to charge the headset for 2 hours.
  2. Try a different Cable/Charger is possible
  3. Try charging from a different Source (another PC or different wall outlet)
  4. See if the headset will load the boot screen and then exit out:
  • Hold the power and volume (-) button on the headset down simultaneously until the boot screen loads
  • Exit and reboot the headset
  • Reboot the headset if possible
  • Factory reset(last resort)

If the issue persist please reach back out here or via PM. We're here to help! 😁