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Oculus Link ambient noise

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when I connect my Quest through Oculus Link there is a constant background noise that i can't get rid off. I feel like i have looked everywhere but i can not find the option. I am talking about the big "grid room" with the library/store/virtual desktop etc menu.

Any ideas how to fix this? How is virtual desktop useful like this?

Level 3

Did you ever fix this? I'm having the same problem, and the only solutions I've found are for HOME background music, not the grid Loading Screen.

Still no solution, the sound is way to obnoxious to not have an off button though.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello there, AfroHyena! The sound in the grid room should still be the same background music as the virtual environment. Going off of this, changing the general volume for the environment, would also change the library volume! Let us know if this helps. 🙂