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Oculus - Mixed Reality Toolkit - Speech to Text

Level 2

So our project is using the mixed reality toolkit so eventually, we can deploy it to both the Oculus and the HoloLens 2. In the toolkit, there is a dictation handler which works great for picking up user speech and being able to capture it as text. Sadly, this feature I have been unable to get working deployed to the Oculus headset. It works in play mode on both the Universal Windows Platform and the Android Platform (once I selected android as an input on speech in the Mixed Reality Toolkit settings). I also got it working in HoloLens 2 headset. Since it was not working on the Oculus I looked into using the Voice SDK but our company wants to use our own AI and not the WIT.AI that comes packaged with the Voice SDK for Oculus. So is there a way to seperate the WIT.AI from the Voice SDK or is there another method I can use to get speech-to-text for the Oculus either with the Mixed Reality Toolkit or something else? Thank you so much in advance!! 🙂