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Oculus PC App won't install. NOT ENOUGH SPACE error.

Level 2

Trying to install the Oculus PC App on my laptop and keep getting the NOT ENOUGH SPACE on my PC error even though I have more than enough space to cover the 15.3 GBs required. What's going on and how can I fix this?


How do you create a virtual drive?

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This feels like reasons why not to trust Facebook/Tone death Meta


i dont trust facebook but this is no reason against facebook, this has been an oculus bug for a while.

No this doesn't work, the same error happens for any modern drive. And by modern I mean over 10 years old. Holy **** is this really the current situation as of 2022?? The oculus software will not install to a regular a** Windows 10 drive no matter which drive you specify? And they act completely ignorant of the problem? I assume no one at Oculus is running Windows 10 then?

Really? I have to create a VHD file purely just for the high and mighty Oculus software to be installed to? REALLY??

The woke mob isn't smart enough to recognize dynamic drives. So much for a technology company. I'd be surprised if they even support windows 11 yet

ive tried that and it deosnt work 


Level 2

Thanks this was SOOO helpful!