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Oculus Party VoIP not functioning

Honored Guest
I am using a Rift S and would like to know if there are others out there that try to connect with friends using different devices through the Oculus party Voice communication system in their social menu but come across an issue where they can be invited into a group with others but for whatever reason cannot hear or speak?

I have been struggling with this issue for a while now and unfortunately, my support ticket was never answered. I can not seem to hear or speak in the VoIP system while everyone else in there with me reports that they can communicate back and forth with each other no problem. I have made sure all my recording and playback audio devices are set properly both in windows and in Oculus and have tried things like getting rid of any virtual audio cables that can be using up/taking priority of the mic. I also tried uninstalling all other devices on my computer that weren't oculus headset speakers and microphone but to no avail. 

I'm at the end of the line with troubleshooting and without any solution other than to completely uninstall the software and reinstall it but have been HIGHLY cautioned in doing so as deleting all of the oculus files to start fresh could lead to more issues than just not being able to use the party system. I am wondering if enabling the ability to access Test-builds of future or in-the-works versions of oculus would solve it but that too has its problems. 

Please let me know if someone has come across this issue or has solved it. 

Thanks in advance! 

Honored Guest

I'm experiencing the same, but on Oculus Quest 2 (stand alone), specifically when playing Medal of Honor "above and beyond". While the VOIP works fine with other games.

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