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Oculus Problems

Honored Guest
Well since my other post isn't getting anything help wise I figured I might post a more narrow topic. I have been through every run around step so let's skip those (updates, checking cables, etc.). 

My oculus suddenly stopped working in the middle of playing WarThunder 4 days ago and will no come back on, the light stays amber and the light on the sensor doesn't come on when the headset is near it. Also the oculus remote no longer connects.

As well reinstalling the software, or going to the setup gets as far as the sensor recognizing the rift, as it won't pick it up, and I have to skip the step for the remote as it won't connect anymore. 

The logs show the same thing over and over


05/08 18:22:46.020 {WARNING} [HW:Health] Hardware health is BAD.
  0939 WMHD302R400PMP: 0xfffffffffffff060 (-4000) ovrError_InvalidBundleAdjustment Invalid Bundle Adjustment
  IMU Stats
                                   per         total
    Messages                      7403          7403
    Samples                      14805         14805
      Lost                           0             0
      Interpolated                   0             0
      HMD Avg Latency                9
          p95 Latency               46
      CPU Avg Latency               27
          p95 Latency               76
    Set FR Failures                  0
    Get FR Failures                  0
    Last FR Failure Time           0.0
    Report Rate                    500
    Temperature (C)               34.0
  0002 WMTD302R3003YF: 0x0 (0) ovrSuccess 


[DeviceEvent] HMD [WMHD302R400PMP] HealthChanged -4000 Invalid Bundle Adjustment
[HW:Health] Failed to load LED calibration from the HMD

These things continue to show up in every log and support is "looking into it" still and just wanted to know if anyone had an idea of what would be causing this. Also, I've never dropped the headset or manhandled it as I keep it in it's box between uses.


Honored Guest
Well I was hoping I didn't have to go through some steps that are needed but I guess I will, good thing is that it's on a credit line so shouldn't be too hard. But thanks pixelated, I'll need the luck.

Honored Guest
Well update....

Support has already sent out a return label, only took about 4 days, so to anyone else having this show up in their logs and the rift isn't working after troubleshooting, just submit a ticket and hopefully it will go smooth. Good luck!
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