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Hello! I came across an Oculus Quest 1 for a good price and I learned that they are no longer updating it as of 2024, they say that I won’t be able to update the system or anything but would I still be able to use the headset for SteamVR? If it’s out of date would I still be able to use it to play games on my PC I’d all I’m wondering


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It's not receiving any further firmware updates but, if you can set it up using your phone, it still makes a decent PCVR headset.

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It's not receiving any further firmware updates but, if you can set it up using your phone, it still makes a decent PCVR headset.


They stopped updating it a while ago, the Quest 1 is still on v50 from february 2023, while the Quest 2 and 3 are on v60 now. What's changing now is they also won't update it for security fixes, not just won't add new features like last year.

The Quest 1 still works though. I haven't tried Link with it for a while (I prefer my Rifts for cabled PCVR), but Airlink tends to struggle a bit (I just ran it a few minutes ago to test, it had laggy head movement just for the grey home environment).


One issue to be aware of is there's no spare parts for it. If your controller breaks, you need to find an overpriced one on Ebay. Although it costs more, the Quest 2 is a safer purchase for updates and replacements (and has more games if you decide to use it stand alone).


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How do I play Steam VR or other non-Meta VR titles on my Quest 1?  I purchased it New and just recently started using it again because when I first got it there really was not much you could do with it. You couldn’t even link it with the cable at that point and there were not many games. Do I need to set up a steam VR account? Can somebody help me just how do you use the link and log into some other titles greatly appreciate it thanks.

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