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Oculus Quest 2 Left Controller drift + Unable to ship new controller to my country

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  1. I have a problem with my left controller for the Oculus Quest 2 and right now it is completely unusable, for now I don't care about refunding for the reason that I would also send a headset..., so I just want to buy a new left controller for the oculus quest 2, but... I am not able to buy from a redirected site for accessories or even send a new left controller to my country. So if I want a new left controller, do I really have to buy Completly NEW VR with the controllers or even travel to a neighboring state (such as Germany, Poland, Austria)?

    I tried change battery, blow air, I also tried IPA and nothing help me

    I will also try WD40 after I will receive it... in case if it help

    What should I do?

Level 2

I will update current post, due to contacting support

Advices from support for fixing issue with drifting:
1. Unpair and Pair controller (Required video which are OK, I used casting feature for recording video with issue)

  - I tried that before and never ever helped me, but if ou get better result just reply on this thread
2. Take battery our for atleast 30 seconds

  - Well sometimes it helped a little bit and sometimes make thing worse... but probably did not helped
3. Increase dead zone in controller calibration

 - This one could actually help you if you have just slight issue with drifting
4. Factory Reset
 - I really don't understand how this could help fix issue with controller, couldn't they just advice vr reset? why factory reset...
 - I try it in the name of science and it does nothing, same issue as before

- well I still have same issue as before, but I will try WD40, you could try IPA it helped me sometimes but never fix issue permamently
- I Don't recommend purchasing Oculus Quest 2 if you don't have support in your country, you will not be able to purchase a new replacement/accessories and you will be stuck with Amazon/Ebay scalpers (170 $ + Delivery $$$ - New left controller, just for comparing with Full VR Set 300 $ - 500 $ Depend on storage capacity, So in my case it would be just cheaper to buy new VR Oculus Quest 2 set rather than purchasing left controller 170 + 60 = 230 $ for one controller which are almost half of price 256 GB oculus quest 2)
- Country list -

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Germany also won't work since they also don't support the Q2 here. That's a pity. WD40 will not work, since the stick is in a little plastic case so no fluid will be able to get to the contacts. For you there are three options: 

-find someone on the web (Austria maybe) who is ordering for you.

-Replace the complete device where you have ordered it.

-Try to fix it by deassembling and cleaning the contacts or replace it with third party sticks






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Thank you for the reply, I will definitely try to replace stick, I found sticks for controller on Amazon at a reasonable price so I will try it

For those who are interested in replacing stick try search for oculus quest 2 analog thumbstick