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Oculus Quest 2 Link Audio

Level 2

Throughout the near year I've had this thing, I've been starting to experience an issue with Oculus link where the Audio will become crackly and pop and I'll be unable to understand what I'm hearing when it comes to anything in oculus link, from navigating the Link UI to listening to music, to listening to games, it doesn't matter. No matter what I do the audio will sound this way. I've tried turning down or up the audio, I've also tried changing the bit-rate in the diagnostic tool, which did help but still hasn't fixed the issue. The only way I can fix the issue is if I flip the wire


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey, that does sound like an annoyance (no pun intended). I'd just like to know, does this only happen in Link/AirLink? Do these audio issues occur when using the headset by itself?

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