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Oculus Quest 2 Link not working

Level 2
So i have this problem for a long time, every time i plug my cable in my headset and my pc and putting my oculus quest 2 on and clicking on the button to connect with link in my headset it goes " Black screen for 4-5 seconds and then to normal oculus quest 2 home" . I tried everything and now another problem appeared every time I plug my cable in it, its say "not connected" on the pc app and this problem didn't exist back then and yeah that was my problems i think that was all of them i hope. Can someone help me to fix all of the problems and i have a USB 3 cable and a USB 3 adapter Thank you

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @BUFFED_MONKE , sorry about this issue. Please contact us here and let us know the issue you encountered. We would be glad to help with this. Hope to hear from you soon.

Level 4

I am having the same issue. If you are running the Oculus app on a laptop with dual GPU then it won't work. Oculus seems to have no interest in fixing this issue.