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Oculus Quest 2 Widows 11 Compatibility Update

Level 2

Why are so many Windows 11 users being insulted by Meta's making so many EXPENSIVE Games unusable without any sense of urgency? All new PCs come pre-loaded with windows 11 so not only are the lifelong users of the Windows OS being ripped off after purchasing Quest 2 and many, again expensive, peripherals, you are losing a huge demographic of sales! You will create a negative vibe by basically not even providing a date of the update!!! Am I wrong?  Make an effort, please!


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My answer is outdated. There's no need to use the ptc anymore. Why are you choosing this as the solution? Edited this to prevent the spread of false information. 

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Level 7

Well stated. This is so important if they want to stay relevant.  I hope version 38 fixes the store/library/download issues and adds official support for Windows 11. 

Level 3

No, you're not wrong. We need an ETA..this is starting to be frustrating.

Level 15

@ZedStar  Unfortunately neither Oculus nor Steam currently officially supports win11.  If you did your google research beforehand you would know this.


Normally you have 10 days to roll back to win10.  Otherwise beyond this or if you have purchased a new pc with win11 (you normally can ask it to be loaded with Win10) then you may need to do a fresh win10 reinstall.  This won’t cost you anything since win10 and win11 share the same product key.  So later you’ll be able to upgrade to win11.

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Level 6

I've found virtual desktop to work great with windows 11 and a quest 2 so all is not lost.

Level 3

I am on a 3080. I9. 64 GB Ram, NMVE. i fly in DCS world and MFS2000. I can say that for me and many others, the performance are f...... trash. I have trying win 11 Dev, beta, release, and now again a clean install of win 11 pro. Link cable, Air link, Virtual Desktop (i have tryet everything). All drivers are fresh and install. I can fly yes. But, performance are not great. it is laggy even with high FPS. stutter issues is what you get. i guess some peoble dont care, but i do! If you google oculus support win 11, then it is a BIG f...... NOOO! XD!! Been there, done that a lot of times now cause i want the newest **bleep**! This time i dont want to bother reinstall back to win 10, tirred of trying. I am going to wait for support, and if it aint gonna happen in the next 6 months i will buy me a G2 or primax. 

As he already starting stated, Windows 11 is the os that comes with pcs now. It's been out for what 6 months now? Any white knight excuse you make for them isn't really valid at this point, many people don't have a choice.


Also while steam may not support it officially, it runs fine. So there's no urgency to do that with steam, any compatibility comes down to the game not steam.

That's not really something you should have to do buddy! These massive companies had a year to work with microsoft before the launch of windows 11. I've been on the insider program for a while in order to point out such issues to them.

Level 6

Oculus software already supports Windows 11 guys. Just install the latest PTC.

I should probably know what PTC is, but I do not. Can you tell me please?