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Oculus Quest 2 Widows 11 Compatibility Update

Level 2

Why are so many Windows 11 users being insulted by Meta's making so many EXPENSIVE Games unusable without any sense of urgency? All new PCs come pre-loaded with windows 11 so not only are the lifelong users of the Windows OS being ripped off after purchasing Quest 2 and many, again expensive, peripherals, you are losing a huge demographic of sales! You will create a negative vibe by basically not even providing a date of the update!!! Am I wrong?  Make an effort, please!


Public test channel. Just select it under the beta tab in the Oculus client and it will update to version 40.

You know .. it is kinda hard to opt-in for the beta channel if you can't install the app in the first place.

Thank you Mike12306! I run Virtual all the time and upgrading to 11 today. So, this makes me feel better about it.


I did find the PTC. Unfortunately it is currently full and not accepting new users.


I've never heard of that. Usually, you just click it and it works. I've joined and opted out several times without issues. Did you click it on the beta tab in the oculus client?

Hi there I’m looking to purchase a quest 2 soon but I have a windows 11 pc. Is it fixed to a useable / enjoyable state now? It had been a few months since the original post of this thread 

Nope, don't expect them to get off their asses any time soon, they'll probably wait until cambria comes out so it doesn't hurt their sales.

My answer is outdated. There's no need to use the ptc anymore. Why are you choosing this as the solution? Edited this to prevent the spread of false information. 

What is a PTC?

I hate to be rude but you can take the time to type this but you can't bother to read the page? I already answered this question just a few posts back. Also, you're replying to my message from months ago. It's pretty outdated and not relevant anymore. It's already been fixed for a while in the regular official version. No reason to use the PTC. 

If people are having issues with win 11 and the quest 2, it's not related to any of this and it's on their end.