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Oculus Quest 2 controller not working after battery replacement

Level 2

Pls help the controllers not working


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! Please ensure that the battery compartments and terminals are free of dust, dirt and damage, and ensure that you're using batteries that are fresh as well. If the issue persists, please click here to submit a ticket so that we can help. Thanks!

Level 2

Same thing happened to me. Remote was working fine, it needed new batteries. i changed them out and then the remote wouldn’t work. We only played the thing a few months.

Level 3

Hey @EtileThePro 


Sorry this is so late a response to your question. I'm not certain if this is your issue but, I had this issue due to my battery not making contact because the battery's positive end contact was a little too short. This can be resolved with a touch of aluminum foil on the Positive end contact of the controller.


The below link is a great, quick 2 minute explanation of how this can be resolved (aside from buying different brand AA batteries) and is my source for the above information.


Hope this helps!


Oculus Quest 2 right controller not working (FIXED)

Level 2

Did they really make a device that doesn't accept regular batteries?

Level 2

Spoke with support and the options are to try a full factory reset and if that doesn't work... Get a replacement. This is literally my first battery replacement and it seems the hardware is physically finnicky with batteries. Really poor design and experience overall.