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Oculus Quest 2 head movements move mouse cursor

Level 2


Trying to play non-VR PC game by using Quest 2 + Quest Link (cable + Oculus PC software) + Xbox gamepad.

For me each head movement moves mouse cursor in games, which makes them unplayable.

I just want to use Quest 2 as a huge "monitor" (I know that PC will still show the content, that's fine) - any ways I can achieve that?


Didn't see anything related in settings - am I missing something?


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hi, great question! It sounds to me like Virtual Desktop will do just what you're looking for. It's available on Quest 2 here:

Lemme know if that solves it for you or if it doesn't quite work out, and I'm sure other people here will be happy to get Link working the way you want it to. 😊

Now you're playing with power...SUPER power!

Due to 20 EUR price tag I haven't tried that one yet, but I tried AMD Relive VR and ALVR - though I have quite good wireless connection (HUAWEI WiFi AX3, ~4m line-of-sight distance), my experience with both of them was FAR from good (bad picture quality + missing frames + input lag), therefore, as long as I sit next to a PC, I would prefer a solution that uses a cable that I already own.


Update: tried also AirLink - works A LOT better than Relive VR and ALVR, but background with white grid and always-on menu bar is unbearable...