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Oculus Quest 2 keeps putting a black square in my face

Level 2

So I forget when it started but my Oculus Quest 2 just keeps showing a black screen at random then I have to shake it and the square will go away. I don't know why this is happening and I am getting tired of having to shake my Oculus every so often.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there Bmohr25! It appears that you are experiencing some issues with your display on your Quest 2. We understand how immersion breaking that can be and we'd love to help you get this issue resolved! There are a few troubleshooting steps that we'd like you to try out. Can you please perform the following:

  • A Soft Reset. With your headset powered on, press and hold the power button on the right side of your headset until you see the power off screen. Select Restart.
  • Ensure that there are currently no updates required.
  • A Factory Reset. You can find further instructions on how to perform a Factory Reset by clicking here.

Please let us know if these troubleshooting steps worked for you. We will be standing by just in case further assistance is needed!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, Bmohr25! We just wanted to check in since we haven't heard back from you yet. How did the troubleshooting end up going? (if you had the time for it yet of course) We'll be looking forward to hearing back from you!