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Oculus Quest 2 suddenly not connecting

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I’ve been playing on my Oculus Quest 2 for about a month with no issues.  I’m completely signed up and have even paid for and downloaded a few games.  


Suddenly today when I turned it on, it wants me to sign in with my Facebook information.  I thought that was odd, why does it want that?  It has my email I use with my Facebook already there but greyed out so I can’t change it.  Then below it wants my password.  So I enter that and I get an error message in orange color font that says, “This device is connected to an existing account. Log into this account or reset the device to use a different one. Visit for more info.“


I don’t get why it’s saying that.  I only have one email and password for this specific device.  There is only one account for it.  What does it mean when it says it’s already connected to an existing account?  If it’s already “connected” then why is it asking me to enter my password in to connect?


I’m so annoyed with this stupid thing.  Why do we need to be connected to a Facebook account and an Oculus account?  It’s so **bleep** confusing.  I just want to play on this thing!  😡

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I have this same issue, did you get this sorted? Mine just happened overnight first i heard of it was the paypal email saying FB payments had been cancelled. now im in the same situation as you. Nothing changed


I have exactly the same issue this morning, turned it on as normal and now I cant login... Also when I loaded the oculus website it asked me to login, which I did but I said something about new device and now all of my paid for apps / friends etc seem to be gone.

Very strange issue with account, nothing changed my end

Received an email from PayPal confirming auto payments to Facebook have been cancelled - weird as i havent done this. Try to log onto the headset and my account has gone, brought up a log in screen tried to log in it says "this device is connected to an existing account, log into this account or reset the device to use a different one" FB account is still the same, but my old avatar and oculus name has vanished and all my games etc. also disappeared from my friends lists on their headsets. My FB account is still fine and logged in, i can log into Oculus App with FB log in details but again its got no data and my name is now different. i have raised a ticket with support, but i am conscious this may lose all progress and saves, plus the 100+ spent on games, also a £23 referral credit gone too. fuming 

Its not good mate, i suspect something or someone is messing with merging accounts and this is a fall out of something they have done! i am lucky i have all old email reciepts to prove i got these games as i cannot get anything up to prove my account exists - a £23 store ref credit gone as well, needs sorting

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this just happend to my on this account aswell, so i tried following the steps of setting up my account again and nothing is there. I hope i will recive my account again or atleast a refund of everything i spent on the account. I am actually really disapointed about this and i really dont understand how it happend either. Please give me and swainispain or games and data that we spent our free time and money on. Otherwise im actually going to take this to one step above the level it should be on. and if i dont get my account back or an refund with proof that i owned the account. then everything is a scam about this

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I got the same problem. Don't know what happened. Everything is gone 😕

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I have exactly the same probleme since this a few hours. I reached the chat support. They saif it is a technical issue on wich they are working on. In the meantime i cannot log on with my oculus account nor ask for a new password since my account "doesn't exist". They say they will tell me when it is ok again.

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this is just insane that they let this **bleep** happen. they better do something about it. I wish you well of geting your stuff back

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the thing i am scared about is that i made a new account with the facebook i had before. and i am really stressed that i wont get my stuff back 😞

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I did exactly the same... i have a new oculus account linked to my facebook one.

I just hope i will be able to log on with the previous oculus account.

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