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Oculus Quest 2 suddenly not turning on and not charging then loading image of a graphic card I think

Level 2

Sorry for the bad quality but I couldn't take a print screen so I drew quickly what I saw. 

I was using my oculus fine before and then I put it down to do something and when I came back it was black and wouldnt turn on. Suddenly this image popped up with a loading bar underneath and then it was black and wouldnt turn on or charge. I left it worrying if it was broken and then later I tried it again and it turned on....


Does anyone know what is going on? I got my oculus only 3 months ago and worried something is faulty...




Thank you in advance!


Level 5

Think the image is downloading update

Thanks, hopefully that is it but it seems that the graphics blur now when I move my head around but is fine when I stay still...