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Oculus Quest Black Screen

Level 3
So as described my headset, has a black screen of death as people put it online. When hard resting my headset , I will get the oculus symbol and audio for boot up, after the logo there is no loading triple dots it just goes to a black screen. If I tap the power button when on the black screen it will make the audio of going back into standby mode and tapping again makes the audio noise for waking back up. So my next step was Factory reset with Power Button and Volume down button, the menu worked is say's erasing boots up again then same thing back to the black screen. I've tried doing a sideload of an update this still does not bring back video. 

I don't know how this possibly happens. I played it maybe a week ago showed a friend sports vr demo then put it back on the box it came in plugged into the charger, then went out to the field for a week ( army stuff ) come back from the field put on the headset it woke up but it was just lighted back black backround, so i restarted it and now this problem has started. I've had the headset for less then two months. I've contacted Oculus support auto-mated response came back in  saying they will get back to me within 2 business days. Sadly I'm thinking this will be a return back to an Oculus repair center, it really feels like it should not be I very much feel this is a software problem. I hope someone can help me figure out a fix.

Same issue. And just received this one as an RMA for another issue. So far, love the experience when it works, but, the quality is 0 for 2 : (

Level 3

I have found the issue with mine to be the proximity sensor that detects when the device is being worn. I have managed to get it running long enough for me to enable Dev mode and accept the ADB connection from my computer and using the Oculus Dev Hub to forcefully disabling the sensor fixed my issue. I've still put in for a RMA and just waiting for FedEX to come pick it up.

Level 2

i had the same problem but i fixed it. no clear.. anything on HOW, but basically:

after powering off and back on, charging, and even a factory reset didn't work, i pressed and held one volume and the power buttons until that little green android bot showed up on the headset with a red triangle ! in an open control panel. it wouldn't let me do anything at that point, so i kept pressing and holding buttons until i think the power button turned it off? and when i powered it back on, it was working and i went through the setup again, connected my app, and redownloaded my games. it was plugged in the whole time.


not sure how it would, but i hope this helps someone.

Level 3

For me the problem is solved! It was the new silicon mask/face eye, I put on and that obscured the « presence detector » that turned off the screen thinking I wasn’t wearing it.

How do we open this screen?

Level 2

(READ) Don't panic and return like I almost did!! If nothing works, chances are might be the facial sensor inside the headset above the lenses not detecting your face, so when you turn it on it shows the logo, but then quickly goes to black screen as if your face isn't there in front of it. Solution: get a few layers of masking tape and put it over the sensor so it detects presence and the black screen goes away, set up guardian, then play normally. Almost tossed this yearold quest after factory reset didnt work, then my little brother came up with this idea and it worked perfectly, dont want anyone wasting good money lol.

Level 2

I've had this with two oculus 2 headsets now. With where I live returning is difficult so I have persevered with trying to fix the problem. My second headset has only lasted three weeks! I've tried every solution I could find on google and youtube including factory resets and have seen that oculus support does not provide any answers or admit to any known problems. I do not use the pc link cable though I have ordered one to see if it might allow for a different solution. I had the original oculus quest and didn't have these problems, only the controllers battery consumption was a little annoying. I think the black screen of death is happening to more and more people and would be interested to know how many people are facing the same frustrations.


It's great tech and I love it when it's working!!!!

i have actually found that letting it register light from a lamp or something by pointing the face part toward it and then putting it on your face fixes it. if it's in the dark frequently (in a case maybe), it might not recognize that it's on your face when you put it on. it needs to re-recognize the difference between light and against your face. do not use direct sunlight or bright lights, but my lamp on a mid setting works fine

Level 2

Well whatever you do. dont send these idiots your oculus. they've had mine for 3 weeks no one is telling me anyting. i've asked for my headset back and they cant send it back and im like this close to taking legal action just to get my stuff back.


Level 2

i have the same problem, But i figure it out how to turn it on. All you have to do is go into the power off and reset menu by holding down the power button for a sec or 2. it might take a few trys but thats ive done it. P.s You have to do this every time you boot your vr on.