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Oculus Quest Black Screen

Level 3
So as described my headset, has a black screen of death as people put it online. When hard resting my headset , I will get the oculus symbol and audio for boot up, after the logo there is no loading triple dots it just goes to a black screen. If I tap the power button when on the black screen it will make the audio of going back into standby mode and tapping again makes the audio noise for waking back up. So my next step was Factory reset with Power Button and Volume down button, the menu worked is say's erasing boots up again then same thing back to the black screen. I've tried doing a sideload of an update this still does not bring back video. 

I don't know how this possibly happens. I played it maybe a week ago showed a friend sports vr demo then put it back on the box it came in plugged into the charger, then went out to the field for a week ( army stuff ) come back from the field put on the headset it woke up but it was just lighted back black backround, so i restarted it and now this problem has started. I've had the headset for less then two months. I've contacted Oculus support auto-mated response came back in  saying they will get back to me within 2 business days. Sadly I'm thinking this will be a return back to an Oculus repair center, it really feels like it should not be I very much feel this is a software problem. I hope someone can help me figure out a fix.

Level 4

Having the exact same issue on my quest 2 right now!


Tried every solution here and every solution posted online including the tape trick.


Nothing is working!


Not so good for the metaverse when we can't even get a functioning VR Headset!