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Oculus Quest conection

Level 2


I cannot connect, via application on my mobile phone using the five digit code,my Oculus Quest headset.

I tried many times and no result.

please, can you help me?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @arghirc! Thanks for reaching out letting us know. We are aware of this ongoing issue and is currently under investigation. 


However, you can try to make sure you're setting up your device with the same account you're logged into on your app by going to


Then go to on your phone or PC app and log out. 


Next, log in with the Facebook or Oculus account you used to set up your headset or the Meta account you created with that account.


If that doesn't help, you can start over using different login information by factory resetting your headset.


We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi! We're just wanting to know if you still need assistance. Let us know if you do, we'll be here.