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Oculus Remout Desktop Server.exe is not launching and I can connnect headset by remout control.

Level 2

When I install Oculus Remote Desktop or start this programm I have windows message of closing Oculus Remout Desktop Server.exe
After Press button "close program" it appear again and again. But I can  make actions in Oculus Remote Desktop.
In the log  (C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Oculus\morstan I see the folowing:
Remote Desktop Server will not be started due to xr2ds status INVALID_PLATFORM_ACCESS_TOKEN

In Oculus Remote Desktop i press button continie with workrooms, loggin in rooms, but there is no available devices.

How I can repair this?
I got Windows 8.1, the same wifi, already paired. And in headset also cant see any computers in workrooms


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @n.nuralin,


Darn! Using Link is a great alternative with the Quest 2 when your PC is actually compatible. Thanks for finding us here!


You can check here for all the details on Link Compatibility with different computer components. Unfortunately, the reason you are encountering issues with Link is that we don't support Windows 8.1. Depending on the rest of your system specifications, you might look into upgrading your PC to Windows 10. On that same note, we also have a list of perfectly Meta-Quest-compatible PCs available to help guide you.


Best of luck!