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Oculus Research Survey

Level 2

Hello there! Me and quite a few others had received an email early 2021 asking to take 3 surveys between January through March. After completion of the first survey I was happy to receive my 10$ in early February and eagerly completed the second survey I was given. However it’s been long past that time and I never received my reward, nor the third survey I was supposed to take in March. Is there a reason I was not given a second reward or a chance at the third one? I would really like to know. Thank you!


Level 5

I'm also curious about this.. I just got a survey popup on my Oculus smartphone app.. but it crashed while I was trying to do it.. and now I can't find any way to bring it back up.. 😞 I know this is weird, but I really wanted to do that survey, spent a good amount of time typing my answers.. really sad it crashed..

I kinda wonder if it came up because I just paired a new headset.. but I don't wanna try a factory reset, and re-pairing, unless it's actually likely to bring it back up again. 😕