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Oculus Rift CV1 Replacement Cable

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The cable for my Oculus Rift CV1 is bent and broken, causing the headset to go black frequently. This has happened multiple times, and I have gotten a replacement cable at least twice from Oculus Support. However, they now say that they are no longer manufacturing parts and accessories for the Rift, so the support member told me to "visit Oculus Community and check with the users there if someone has upgraded and is willing to sell their Rift CV1 cable, that way you can purchase a new cable as we don't have this in stock anymore due to Rift being phased out." So here I am, asking if anyone is willing to sell their old cable, as I really do not want to have to buy a whole new headset, especially since I play Beat Saber competitively and the Rift is one of the best headsets to play on.


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where u from?

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West side of the United States.

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Well this was unsuccessful

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Well, I have a spare CV1 hmd, a spare new cable and a spare new sensor. I'll happily sell the hmd for $ 3,000 - the cable for $ 2,000 - and the sensor for $ 1,500. I'm not even joking. Love my CV1, not going to be without one before I find a proper replacement. 

Check out Ebay or Amazon - you might find slightly cheaper prices there 😉


Btw, had my cable for 4 years - I never bent it, I'm very careful not to subject the cable to much pull force - it works perfectly to this day. Also got perfect sound from both headphones - but I'm careful with those too - I never rest the hmd on the headphones to reduce any impact of gravity, thus I turn the CV1 hmd upside down when not in use. 

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 I ran across this on Ebay, I'm assuming the seller doesn't know what he has there as it's advertised as a Rift-S bundle but his picture clearly show it's a CV1.  If I'm understanding his description you'll get the cable, controllers and sensors with it. He's selling it for parts because one of the lens are cracked. Might be a good deal someone would have jumped on if his description were accurate.

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@Caden55  OK, I'm feeling kinda generous today so I could send you a working used cv1 cable that I do not currently need for say us$90 (or aud$120) shipped from Australia, paid by PayPal.  Send me a PM if you are interested and I'll give you my PayPal details.  I'll ship it to you once I receive a PayPal credit.  Cheers mate.

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i would try submiting a request on the oculus support page as it worked for me late last year

Just wanna check… any chance you still have that Rift CV1 cable laying about? I’m in Australia and interested if available? Cheers