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Oculus Rift Problems With Bluetooth Headphones

Level 2

Oculus software (the software downloaded to make Oculus Rift work) is causing problems with my bluetooth headphones.

This is occurring on Windows 11. I have a ROG Strix Z690 Formula motherboard which uses built-in Intel bluetooth. The operating system and bluetooth drivers are up to date.

Without Oculus software installed, my bluetooth headphones work as expected without issue.

Once Oculus software is installed, however, the headphones no longer work as expected. What happens is this: the first time listening to something - for example a youtube video - the headphones work fine. But if you close the application you're listening to and then start up another application with audio, there's no sound. The sound settings on Windows 11 at this point still indicate that the bluetooth headphones are the default output device. Strangely, the small volume bars (which can be found on some of the Windows settings dialogs) next to the headphone icon go up and down indicating that sound is being sent to the headphones, but there's no sound.

The only way to get sound back is to open an application with sound - e.g., a youtube video - and, when sound is being sent, to use windows settings to disconnect the headphones and then reconnect them.

This restores sound but only while the application currently playing sound is open. If that application is close, sound stops.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Is there an update/workaround for this?

Thanks in advance.