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Oculus Rift/Rift S compatibility tool does not recognize processor which seems to be compatible

Level 2

So, I'm planning to get an Oculus Rift S and I wanted to make sure my computer was compatible with it. I used the Oculus Compatibility Tool which I had to get from an external site (Not going to link the site because I'm not sure if that's not allowed or not.) And it worked fine. Except for when I actually got to the thing, I got a Wi-Fi error which I just ignored and when I got past that message to the results, The results I got were the following:

We don't recognize your processor. Learn More
+Graphics Card
GeForce GTX 1650 (meets recommended)
8 GB of RAM (meets recommended)
+Operating System
Windows 10 64-bit (meets recommended)
USB 3.0 ports (meets recommended)
And it confused me because my processor is past the minimum and about in the middle according to the official Oculus website.
I have no idea what the issue could be because my specs are as follows:
NVIDIA GTX 1650 with Max-Q Design
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9300H CPU @ 2.40GHz 2.40 GHz
8 GB (Gigabytes) of RAM with 7.84 useable.
This is all the necessary info but for some odd reason it does not see my processor which gives me the good 'ol "Your system's graphics card is incompatible with the Rift system software." error message. If anybody could help me, that'd be amazing! If anybody is wondering, I'm only getting a Rift S because I mostly play PCVR games and the Oculus/Meta Quest 2 is getting incredibly mediocre because of the burn marks (which I'm not sure if the Rift S can get), The weird menu and awful performance with games like VRChat and the scanlines.