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Oculus Rift S Freezing

Level 3
I'm having trouble with my Rift S

When i'm playing a game, it gets about 2 minutes into the game and then the game freezes on screen. I can still move my head around, but the app stays in the same position and it's just black edges when i look round. If i Alt and Tab it fixes it for a short amount of time again. My PC is roughly above the recommended specs.

I've gone through customer support and done the following
Repaired Oculus. Done the whole take the cables out etc. Uninstalled my graphics drivers and reinstalled. 
I've checked my CPU temp which is running at about 50c when it crashes. 
I've tried 3 different games just to make sure. Bullet Train, Luckys Tail and Beatsaber 
I've tried different lighting levels in the room to see if that might be affecting the sensors. 

My old Oculus rift worked fine.


Level 15
Sounds like ASW trying to kick in. When you say your PC is roughly above specs can you share those specs ??
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Level 3

Techy111 said:

Sounds like ASW trying to kick in. When you say your PC is roughly above specs can you share those specs ??

Ignore the CPU temp its not correct. 

Level 7
May I ask what makes you think that the CPU temp is not correct on that picture?

Level 3
Because I found software to monitor temp after panicking about that, and went into my bios straight away after looking at the temp in speccy. So unless my fans are able to cool it by 40/50 C by the time my pc has restarted, that temp is wrong.
**Edit** It still said 90c on speccy even after i left my pc off for half an hour and left it on idle when i re checked it 

Level 10
@armo18  is correct - Speccy doesn't like AMD processors 🙂

60+ degrees out of sync on my pc 🙂
... and thinks a 1080 has 4GB of memory...
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Rift S
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Level 7
Could you download Asus Ai Suite 3 from here and install it. It will give you accurate readings of dram freq (should match your memory chips), voltages, cpu and motherboard temp + cpu fan speed.

From the screenshot of yours I assume you might have one of those cards where gpu fans only start spinning when gpu temp reaches close to 50C. Up to that point they are idle? In that case would recommend custom fan profile, where fans spin at least at 30% speed all the time. You can do this by downloading Msi afterburner from here. This program will also reliably show your GPU temperature.

Here is couple example profiles;
Above example is from Msi afterburner website
Above example is one I'm using with gtx 1060

Let us know if anything changes with the freezing or if you gain some new information. In case all temperatures stay at acceptable range during some kind of stress test (using Rift S in a game is one), we have to look elsewhere. It is just easiest to rule this out 1st.

Level 3

Don't know how to find the graph for the fan.
But Asus at Idle.
Afterburner when beatsaber crashedgqcn0j6s428s.jpgdujh7jnok5qd.png

Level 3
Sorry this is what it is set to default r73zorey4liw.jpg

Level 7
Ok... your gpu temp of 68 is ok, but would be better if you get it running rather at around 60c with moderate load and below 40 when idle. The profile I provided should make that happen... As long you have it enabled (msi after burner main window, user define and auto enabled)
Buttons on left and right edges of this window "on" makes it use custom profile.
30 on top right corner show current gpu fan speed as percentages.

I am bit concerned with your motherboard temp, which is higher than your cpu temperature while cpu is idle. Motherboard temp usually sticks around 5-10 degrees lower than cpu when there is no load. Also your cpu fan and chasis fans spin bit fast for idle computer. This might indicate that the either your case needs some cleaning or that it doesn't have the best ventilation in the world.

Anyways that being said, I don't think that temperature is the cause for your crashes.

Have you installed/updated all the other stuff from the asus support site already? There seems to be very recent bios update and fresh drivers for your motherboard components (chipset, lan, audio, sata, vga*).

*) even if you don't use your integrated graphics, you should install that vga driver also.

If you updated drivers/bios mentioned above, download latest drivers to your gpu (again) from nvidia site. Do this after updating other stuff above.

This should bring your computer up to date. If freezing still happens, we can investigate the usb side bit more and check some less likely solutions like updating latest supported Visual C++ redistributable packages.