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Oculus Rift S Static and Crashing and just breaking in general

Level 2
So I've been having trouble with my Oculus Rift S. I just recently got it about a month ago, it was working fine up until I plugged in my extra monitor and a USB hub to my pc. Ever since I did that it stopped working and started displaying every issue under the sun.

These are all of the issues I've run into while troubleshooting: static, warped/glitching screen, audio lag, visual lag, occasional unpairing of the controllers (I can get them paired back, that's not an issue), audio not working at all (having windows reinstall the audio drivers fixes this when I go into sound troubleshooter), and the entire oculus crashing to a black screen and then showing the orange error light on the headset. These problems have continued to occur, sometimes a few of them fixing themselves now and then, but the problem that has not stopped has been the audio lag as well as the constant slight crackling-static noise I hear every time I put the headset on. I just now tried to use SteamVR and once I tapped on Beatsaber the headset played a loud static noise and crashed. It is completely unusable despite the fact that I've ensured that enough power is getting to the USB ports on my computer. I also thought I'd mention that it took me around an hour to get the sensors to work on my rift s after troubleshooting and plugging it back in. This has happened a couple times where I just can't get the sensors to track when setting up the headset.

update: I forced a windows update and it sort of helped the constant crackling noise? However my oculus still keeps crashing and is still lagging visually.

The audio on the headset works completely fine, when I'm not in VR. I can play sounds from my desktop and hear the sounds coming out of the headset when it is beside me. All the windows troubleshooter does is make sure the sound comes out of the headset, so that won't help. It doesn't fix the static popping noise, and it doesn't fix the audio lag. 

Here's everything I've tried:

- unplugging headset cable from the headset, tried several times
- unplugging usb and display port, moving them to different ports, tried several times in different orders, waiting 10 seconds before plugging in displayport, etc
- nvidia driver update
- Audio driver update, both in windows and from my motherboard's website
- Oculus driver update
- Windows sound troubleshooter (worked only when sound was NOT coming out of the headset, doesn't fix audio lag or static noises)
- BIOS update to latest version
- disabling USB power saving mode on the USB ports in device manager (unchecking the boxes)
- disabling USB selective suspend setting (it was already disabled when I checked)
- uninstalling the rift USB ports from device manager
- restarting pc, several times
- plugging oculus USB into USB 3.0 hub rather than motherboard
- plugging oculus USB into front panel rather than motherboard
- plugged into every possible USB port on the motherboard
- unplugged everything other than mouse, keyboard, and primary monitor. 
- went into BIOS to make sure XHCI was enabled
- made sure Windows would let oculus access cameras
- uninstalling and reinstalling the oculus app, tried several times

I'm going to try plugging it into a different computer tonight to see if that changes anything. 

I also have been in contact with Oculus support over email, all they've done so far is tell me to do things I've already tried, so I'm checking here.

Level 2
I'm having similar issues, let me know if you find a fix. I have to work tonight but I'm gonna delve tomorrow and see what I can do so I'll let you know if I find anything too! 

Level 2

Yeah, I have the same issues, constant crashing, crackling audio, crackling mic, I've also tried everything you mentioned. 

Level 3

i have heard rolling back 2  nvidia driver 461.92  might fix this im about to do it now i found this info in a reply to a post in this forum

Did this fix it?