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Oculus Rift S keeps crashing and restarting until red light flashes

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Hi. I bought an Oculus Rift S a while ago, used it for quite a long time but now whenever i try to put it on, it crashes!

it's been happening for a while now and i just can't use the VR headset for longer than 2 minutes without crashing an restarting, i thought it was my movement messing up the cables, but even if i let it stay still on any surface it still crashes. tried reinstalling oculus software multiple times, chaging the usb and the displayport inputs but nothing really chages. tried updating most of my drivers and downloaded a patch for oculus software that also didn't help. When my Oculus crashes, the screen gets stuck, then it turns completely black and i can see a red light, meaning that it's turning back on again, then it does this about every 30 seconds until it won't turn back on and the red light flashes while the Oculus software asks for a firmware update which fails everytime i click to install... I have tried many different things but apparently nothing seems to get it to work again...


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey surfsonic11!

Looks like you've done plenty of troubleshooting, because of this we recommend to follow these steps and gather your Oculus Logs. Please submit a ticket to our Support Team and they'll be able to view those logs and assist further. We'll have this resolved for you as quickly as possible!

Okay, i just sent a ticket to Oculus support with all that information. Also, i just tried reinstalling the oculus software again, but i wasn't wearing headphones this time, so i could hear my vr headset. The noise coming from it was very glitchy and stuttery, but i didn't mind since i always use the sound of my headphones. It lasted apparently longer time without crashing (at least more than the usual 30 seconds). So i tried to open SteamVR and then, as soon as i clicked it, it crashed again, and i could hear a pretty loud static noise coming from my oculus, as the screen turned black and it restarted again... i don't know if this helps but i want to provide as much information as possible, so anything you need i can try it here. Thanks for the quick reply.

Thanks for the information @surfsonic11, we'll be sure to resolve your issue as quickly as possible!