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Oculus Rift controllers not working in-game after update


6/11/2024, allowed Meta Link to update on my PC for my Rift CV1.  Everything still works until I get into a game.  Once I enter the game, the Touch controllers are not detected when moving, and in the game they are at ground level and will not move.  The Oculus button still worked, and I could use the controllers to select quit app, but they will not move while in a game.  So far I re-installed Oculus, but did not delete all the hidden files.  I updated my Nvidea drivers to the latest 555.xx version. 

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where do you get that DLL file from? 

I do t have the old installer on my pc the one I have downloaded is from 04/3/2024

This doesnt work for me. the installer I have downloads the v66 DLL file.


Rift CV1 controllers are working again in Meta Quest Link App Version with its included DLLs.

If you haven't yet received this version or above, you can try enabling Public Test Channel under Settings, Beta.


Confirmed: The following all work now...

  • Beat Saber
  • Walkabout Mini Gold
  • Arthur Owl's Word Block (my game that was broken by the update)
  • Unity editor (also broken by the update)

Happy now! Thanks Meta.

Awesome news - now I can get back to my oled games - especially MADiSON 🙂

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Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay in getting back with you. I've been working with the engineering teams trying to get a solution for this issue. HOWEVER, I do want to let you know I've been passing as much information as I can to the them, as well as the workaround that was provided by @8aron. If your issue has been resolved with their method, I advise other users to try this as well. If you're worried about having to do it for every update, I confirmed with the teams, and they told me you can turn off automatic updates for your Rift device. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings > Developer > Allow Automatic Meta Quest Link Software Updates > Toggle Off.

After doing this and following the workaround, you shouldn't have to worry about your headset needing to be updated.

I've also been asking teams for an official solution from them regarding this issue. I'm not sure when they will be able to get back to me with additional progress updates. Since there is only so much information that I can relay from here on the forums to them. I strongly recommend continuing to submit bug reports and be as detailed as possible with the reports. Even if you think the information that you provide for them might not mean much, any detail that they're given can be of great help to them. I hope this information helps!

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On Friday, nexusmtz and Deeperbeige reported that “Rift CV1 controllers are working again in Meta Quest Link App Version with its included DLLs.”  Is that accurate … or are the controllers not fixed in v67?

Btw - a sincere thank you for staying engaged with the Meta engineering team on this issue.  I know there are countless longtime Oculus/Meta VR supporters (most of whom probably haven’t seen this Community thread) who will breathe a sigh of relief when this is resolved.

I just joined the public test channel and v67 does indeed fix the Rift Touch controller issue!

Note to The_1st_Dark_Lord_Morgoth Meta Quest Support … I don’t believe users have a “Developer” tab under Settings, so we are unable to opt out of automatic Meta software updates.

Joining the Beta channel has fixed the controllers in games that it was previously broken in for me too :]

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