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Oculus Software not installing

Level 2

I am trying to install the oculus software, but when it gets to the installing portion it stops at the very end and then the install fails and shows a message "Restart Computer". Files start to appear, and then they disappear along with the desktop shortcut.


So far i have

Flashed BIOS

Factory reset my C: drive

Deleted C++ files

Booted in safe mode, uninstalled Oculus, booted again, reinstalled Oculus

and Restarted and Reinstalled Oculus countless times


980 Ti


32gb ram

Oculus Rift S


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, svlxi! The Rift S is an amazing device that you can use with countless PC games and we want to help you get that up and running! From the specs you sent, it doesn't seem like you have the recommended specs for the Rift S and, thus, the Oculus PC software. After checking that, the version of Windows or Mac also matters when downloading the software, so please let us know so we can get you back into gaming as soon as possible! 🙂

I swear to **bleep**ing god if I get that response one more time from a support agent I am going to lose it. I know that you see a 1060 in the recommended, but the 980 Ti is on par with a 1070 super. I have ran it through your own recommended specs software and passed perfectly fine, not only that but I know other people with this same card, and I have also ran a Valve Index on this rig before. I wish that Oculus hired people who knew anything worth a **bleep** about computers so I stopped getting this **bleep**ty response. Even if it wasn't "recommended" I should still be able to run the software.