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Oculus Support Quest 2 ??

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So for last 5 days I'm " Chatting" with oculus support. 

My problem is that for several days I have had problems with goggles such as:
- floating white particles on the right screen, appearing while moving mainly on a black background, forming a rectangular shape.
- a non-working proximity sensor located between the lenses (this is manifested by the fact that despite the correctly fitted goggles, the image does not start, it turns black, the same as if the goggles were removed, the only way to solve this problem is to cover the tape sensor)

The problem was reported by me on August 11 to oculus support. I have described the whole problem in detail. As well as the activities I did.

- restart performed
- reset to settings performed about 3 times
- I checked the USB cable connection on 2 cables
- I checked the connection via air link
- the goggles are clean (the sensor and the goggles are clean, there is not even a micro scratch)

The problem with particles and the sensor still occurs.

After reporting the matter, I got a reply from Mr. X1 (answer in POLISH)
He asked me to restart and reset as standard. Of course, despite my earlier steps, I followed his instructions. As you can guess, it didn't do anything.

The case was transferred to MRS X1 (reply ENGLISH)
I was asked to provide all data, i.e. e-mail to the account, contact e-mail, personal data, oculus nickname, proof of purchase, as well as serial numbers from:
- goggles
- both controllers
- and what surprised me the most about the BOX (according to consumer law in Poland, I am not obliged to keep the box even when submitting a complaint), but I have it.

I sent the data and this is where the FUN starts ...
I got a reply from MRS. X1 that there was a problem with my address, of course she didn't say what. OK, I sent the address again as accurately as I could, I even attached a google maps pin to my email where I live. Unfortunately, it was not enough and I was asked for an ALTERNATIVE address ... as I am not a rich man and I do not have several houses, I said that I do not have an alternative, so I was asked to send proof of residence, e.g. a photo of the last package where I can see the address or a letter ... Sorry but I don't keep such things, and after receiving the package, I hatch such data and throw it into the shredder.

So ... despite exchanging a few e-mails, I did not find out what the problem was ... so I was redirected to MRS X2 (answer in POLISH) who unfortunately started the same conversation ... that the address is not correct and that their system does not accept them.

After exchanging about 15 MAILS, I was passed on to another person, Mr. X2 (interview in Polish) who returned to the basics with the question "ARE I sure that the sensor and the lenses are CLEAN" at this point my hands have fallen off ... I take great care of my goggles. The lenses are always clean, the interior is also clean, after each use they are cleaned put on the shelf, the lenses are covered and the whole thing is placed in the case. So there is no possibility of damaging them.

Then he asked me if I could take a picture. Picture of what molecules? sensor is not working. I wrote directly what the problem is, I want to give the goggles back under Warranty because I have one, why can't it be done?

with this the conversation is now over ... ( WAITING FOR THEIR REPLAY... )


Within 5 days, I talked to four different people, and I did not get any help or details from any of them. I want to send the goggles under warranty because they are not working properly ... But my address is not checked by their system. Why? I don't think I will ever find out ...
During the whole conversation, I tried to be nice, understanding because I also work in a large company, but the last 3 e-mails, I'm just quite nervous.


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And we're back to the starting point.
After the guarantee was accepted by Meta / facebook, the headset with the left hand controller was sent via DHL to Prague to the Meta warehouse.


Yesterday I was informed that my "order" is being processed. After that today I got the information, quotes
"There is a problem with the shipping information you provided when placing your order.
Please check and update your shipping information by logging into your account or clicking the View Order button. "

I live in an ordinary housing estate in an ordinary flat in Poland. What's the problem?


This is already a mockery of me as a customer.

For over 2 weeks I talked to a different person from Support. to headset (took over 8 chat days) is the left controller (it went in 2 two days)

I'm sick of it ... At the end of the mailing, they sent me a HOW I rate their work. If I had to do it now it would be 100% negative.


Oh and did I mentioned that despite the fact that the "order" says free shipping, the VAT rate is 23% at the price of 15 euro, for what !?


Can someone explain to me what to do? I have never had such problems with any company, be it Nintendo, Blizzard, Asus or HP. NEVER.

Sometimes housing estate official addresses are not obvious.  You probably should have checked that out with your body corporate and/or post office.  I guess you could also have tried using the address of a nearby friend or relative.  I hope you eventually get this sorted out.  Also I don’t think taxes are charged for returned goods so probably a good idea to check on that.  Good luck mate and cheers.

i9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, 750w psu, QPro w/Air Link, Vive Pro

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Unfortunately not. Two days ago, I got information that my headset is being ordered, as is the left controller. 

The headset has been sent for shipment by UPS,
- I did not receive the email
- I didn't get text masage from UPS at all

If I had not checked my e-mail several times a day, I would not have even found the information that the package was sent and is to be delivered that day. After contacting UPS, it turned out that Meta gave my Nick on the package, not the name and surname I gave for the shipment. In addition, they did not provide the building number and contact number. I have the impression that it was done specifically so that the package would not reach me. And as we all know, the courier has to verify the recipient before handing him over the package, I found very understanding people at the top.


Unfortunately, now we come to the fun ...
In the ticket for shipping the controller I also gave the correct data, but for 3 days I have received an e-mail with META CANNOT send me the package because there is a problem with the address. What's worse, the link provided in the e-mail takes me to a page where I cannot access or is inactive ... so I can't change ANYTHING. Consequently, the e-mail contains information that if they fail to contact me, they will cancel my order for the delivery of the controller after 3 attempts. Nowadays I am already furious. I have NEVER had such a problem with any company ...

2 days ago I sent another question of course, this morning I received a generick answer:
"My name is XXXXX from Meta Store Support, I will be dealing with your case today! Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I will gladly look into this for you! We will have to get this issue investigated by the specialized team to figure out where this has gone wrong, "


Ya sure ... now I have made my decision that if I get everything back, I put it up for sale and put money on the Valve Index.