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Oculus Videos Movies

Level 3
A lot of us that enter Oculus VR are not gamers. Me, I like-LOVE!!!-to watch movies in a theater-like setting in theater-size scale. Preferably-MUCH!!!-in 3d. Whydid you take movies from Oculus Videos??????! They were better than either Netflix or Hulu. And had more 3d content. Amazon Prime is good-very!-but has limited 3d content. And Big Screen does not circulate their movies often enough. Oculus needs a dedicated MOVIE app, one that has a lot of 3d content. Please respond!

Level 2
Same here. I'm willing to pay for 3D streaming  and I was also surprised that you can no longer purchase movies within the Oculus Video app. Is there no (legal) option to watch 3D videos on the Go?