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Oculus app doesnt pair with Oculus Quest 2 at all, how to fix this?

Level 3
Trying to pair the app with my brand new Quest 2 about 5h now, nothing works.
I type in the code, then it tries to pair, but it doesnt work.

What did i try?
-hard reset;
-reinstalling the app;
-reseting the phone;
-app+oculus on the same wifi;
-app+oculus on different wifis;
-bluetooth reset.

Any ideas? Shold i return the Quest?
If this wouldnt cost 350 EUR i would throw that headset against a wall, hate this app.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hey, thanks for putting in so much effort to try and troubleshoot these problems, all of the steps you've tried are ones we'd recommend to. Please click here to submit a ticket so that we can help you out further. Thanks! -Kassidy

Level 3
Thx 🙂 i solved the problem. It works, but not with my Huawei i had to use another phone, it works with a Samsung. Maybe my phone is broken or it just doesnt work with Huawei at all.