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Oculus app suddenly stopped working, and "not enough space" in a hard drive with 20gb of storage

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Hi all, my oculus pc app for whatever reason found its 13th reason and left this world permanently, so as a normal functioning human being I uninstalled the app to attempt to reinstall it. So, I go to the oculus setup download page, download it, and run the .exe in the correct drive. Keep in mind that this godforsaken app already made me reach into the guts of my OS in order to find out what in God's green earth a VHD is because the oculus team is incapable of developing a functioning app that doesn't defecate itself for absolutely no reason. So the disk I was trying to reinstall the app onto was a VHD I had to create for the initial setup of the app back in May of this year. It was already formatted in whatever way the Zuck needed it to be because again, this is not a functioning app. In all honesty, I have no idea why I need the app to run apps from SteamVR but that's not the point of this thread. So my question is why in the name of all things holy do I still have an issue on a VHD that is already fixed for the app, yet I'm getting the issue the creation of the VHD is supposed to correct. Now I await the barely paid intern to respond to my post with a link to some thread like this one ( which has absolutely no relevance to my issue as the "solution" from this thread is not helping my issue. Have a fantastic day all!


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Just completely removed the VHD from my system and Remade it. Was able to reinstall the software.

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Level 3

Oh probably should have added that its a Meta/Oculus Quest 2

Just completely removed the VHD from my system and Remade it. Was able to reinstall the software.

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I found the actual issue - it will complain "not enough space" because it bone-headedly only checks C: space and if that doesn't have enough space, it just refuses to run, regardless of what OTHER drives may be on the system that you want to install to!


So I used TreeSize and found the biggest folders, deleted anything "temp" or "cache" related (you have to web search the meaning of the folders) and freed up enough space for the Oculus installer to stop complaining, at which point I promptly installed it on my D  DRIVE!  I doubt the average user is going to understand how to cope with this!


Oculus, why "only check C:"? Your program allows you to install to other locations once C: passes the check anyway? Incredibly naive, lots of computers these days come with a fast SSD for the main OS drive, and then a standard bigger HDD for installing large amounts of games & software to, so this is a pretty common scenario.


Programs have been getting this right for decades, why does the Oculus app have to be so precious? Something that could be fixed with one line of code...