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Oculus dash in an endless cycle of closing and then reopening. Is there a solution to this issue?

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When I put my Rift S on after opening oculus software the headset blacks out, then follows an endless cycle of oculus dash crashing the automatically opening and this will countinue until I put my headset down and apply no motion to the device at all otherwise the cycle would just countinue.

All major drivers related to this issue are updated to the most recent driver, including: Gpu driver, Windows 10 drivers and Oculus drivers.

Does anyone have a solution to this issue?

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See the topic (blank screen) Rift S Crashes NON STOP (SOLVED!!) for a few solutions.  Just ignore the user arguments that come after the solutions.

My solution from Oculus Support is listed there under my single posting as profman5.  It involves, after purchased gaming software backup, uninstalling Oculus under Windows 10 safe mode (with no network support), then installing Oculus in the normal Windows mode.  Finally, the backed up software is moved back into the proper location.

This is quite a hassle, but it worked for me.  There may be other causes of this issue, so this is not a guaranteed fix.

Good Luck.