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Oculus go controller no longer works at all

Level 2

I reached out to support after already replacing the battery for it and still nothing. I’ve looked on eBay which is being sold too expensive and cannot seem to find another controller anywhere. I asked the oculus support site to notify me for updates on availability but I’m afraid that there won’t be any. I looked up other compatible devices online but not sure exactly what I should get. I own an Xbox one and tried to pair my existing wireless controller but it didn’t work. Not sure if that’s because it’s not compatible or since it’s already linked to my Xbox, that pairing wouldn’t work. I’m thinking about buying another one to see but want to make sure it works if I do. 

I’d really appreciate the best advice on what route or device for a game pad I could try.


Level 2

Take out the battery and clean the inside where the + and - sides of the battery touch the controller with q tip and alcohol, then put a small piece of aluminum foil at each side and replace battery.  Worked like a charm for mine! Good luck!!