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Oculus isn't working correctly. Sudden change of behaviour

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For some reason, my HMD stopped working.

The yellow stand-by light works, the HMD itself is detected on the app, but other than this it doesn't do anything else.

Whenever I put the HMD on my head or activate the sensor with my finger, the computer thinks for half a second, and the notification appears.

I've done everything related to Oculus troubleshooting, such as:

-Restarting the app

-Restarting the computer

-Choosing another USB port

-Choosing yet another USB port

-Uninstalling and Reinstalling the App

-Removing and Resetting the cable both in HMD and PC

-Removed and Reinstalled GFX Drivers

 Behaviour:  If I start a Steam game, H3VR for example, the headset is tracked, has sound, and a dim but clearly noticeable backlight on the lenses. Everything comes through but the image rendering. This image is shown on screen, so it can't be a GFX issue.

Yellow light is on during stand-by, changes to white when opening any game, disappears when triggering the proximity sensor. No video comes through.

I'm not sure what else I can do.. 😕

Already submitted a ticket.


any updates? did you get it fixed?
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