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Oculus keeps showing 3 dots then crashing when opening quest link

Level 2

It keeps on showing 3 dots before crashing whenever i open quest link. if anyones got a fix then thatll be nice listed below is the things i tried

uninstalling and reinstalling the oculus app

updating usb 3.0 drivers

trying air link

reinstalled nvidia drivers

unplugging and replugging the cord

restarting pc

testing the cord (it works with everything else perfectly fine)

trying a different cord

closing the oculus app with task manager

that is all that ive tried, nothings worked at all and this is a family headset so they wont be too happy if i completey factory reset the oculus. i do have another pc so i can see if its something with my pc specifically by trying it out on the other one but i dont think thats the case. any help i will take